How We Do

FutureA4 has created 3x power of delivery through a unique collaborative platform, where we work as a team – our own Associates, Freelance partners and Vendor partners.  Thus, any requirement given to us will be simultaneously worked by a large set specialist recruiters across geographies. This creates a “Force Multiplier Effect” which amplifies Speed and Reach.  This enables us to meet any kind of large ramp ups or niche technology.  Currently we have established network in Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and NCR.

We have following Advisors on Board:

Sunil Mohan

Sunil has nearly 20 years of hands-on experience spanning a variety of industries.  Throughout his career, he has handled positions of responsibility – in a large Indian Corporate, as the interim head of HR for SAARC region for a Fortune 100 US MNC, and as the Head of Group level HR Function for a 50+ year old Indian family-owned entity. He had handled strategic and volume recruitment needs, and offers expertise in handling C-Suite and Expat positions. His experience in Talent Acquisition also includes projects involving setting up of Development Centers and New Businesses, Job Evaluation, Manpower Planning and streamlining of recruitment processes. He is involved in Consulting, Coaching, and advising on people matters, and in implementing the appropriate people strategies to support business goals.

Sunil can be reached at

For more about him, visit